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  • Protein & Fasting to Turbocharge Results!

    November 28, 2021 2 min read

    We are going to talk about protein a little more, but this time linked to fasting. We have covered why bone broth DURING a fast is potentially better than water only fasting HERE. And now we have come across a little more evidence to support that view.

    The research is on something called Protein-Pacing (PP). PP is maintaining 30% of calories from protein sources whilst simultaneously keeping total calories 25% below normal calorie intake. Eating is done often (6 x) across the day.

    This lifestyle was compared to the government’s heart healthy diet for a period of 64 weeks.

    The results were highly significant in favour of PP in terms of

    • ↑ fat loss
    • ↓ blood glucose
    • ↑ lean body mass
    • ↑ metabolism
    • ↑ fat utilisation.

    The results were significant for the initial weight loss period (weeks 0-12) and the weight maintenance phases (weeks 12-64).

    So, linking this back bone broth during a fast, we should expect exactly the same results as most of the calories in bone broth are from collagenous protein. This is the feedback we get from many of our customers who use our bone broth fasting plan regularly.

    This research also fits nicely into THIS article about humans eating to protein targets, and will over- or under-consume calories if too much or too little protein is consumed.

    Even if you don’t have weight to lose fasting with bone broth regularly is still a great idea:

    • Supports immune system
    • Supports recycling of dead cells (Autophagy)
    • Supports recycling of mitochondria (energy factories; Mitophagy)
    • Supports hormone function

    Try to remember to take your bone broth during your fasts to turbocharge your fasting benefits. It will help you make fasting easier so it can become a regular part of your lifestyle.

    For access to the full text article of a recent protein-pacing paper click HERE.

    Thanks for reading.

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