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Dr Gus' Bone Broth Coffee - (Iced Café Latte style)

March 25, 2022 1 min read

Dr Gus' Bone Broth Coffee - (Iced Café Latte style)


1 espresso shot (preferably decaf)

100ml full fat milk (preferably raw milk)

1 tsp of honey (preferably raw honey)

2 Tbsp Dr Gus’ Collagen Booster

3-4 Ice cubes

dr gus bone broth collagen booster coffee ingredients



1. Put milk, Collagen Booster and honey in a blender and blend it until Collagen      Booster powder is well dissolved.  


2. Put ice cubes in a glass and pour the mixture in.


3. Pour the espresso over the ice and stir well.


4. Enjoy your bone broth latte in the sun!! No sunglasses please (you know why)

Dr Gus bone broth coffee with collagen booster finished

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