Improve gut health such as leaky gut and IBS | Improve skin health and signs of aging | Increase collagen formation in the joints and bones | Reduce blood pressure and help cardiac health | Reduce inflammation

"The chocolate bone broth powder with oat or coconut milk tastes great." - Richard

Science of bone broth and collagen human health - GEEK-OUT SECTION

The human body has a store of amino acids that it uses for functions such as building tissue and hormones and other amino acids. This pool can also be used in times of protein deficit or as an energy source when available fats and carbohydrates are scarce. The amino acid pool needs to be replenished through dietary protein consumption or the body will break down muscle and other tissues to liberate the amino acids contained in them. The amino acids found in Dr Gus' bone broth contribute to the amino acid pool in the body, enabling a protein sparing effect as no tissue needs to be broken down. This has huge implications for training but also for disease states where tissue wasting is a problem.

Collagen supplements when combined with resistance training led to significantly larger improvements in strength and improved body composition in elderly men.

Bone broth products are also beneficial for immune function. Consumption of bone broth can increase T-regulatory cells that calm immune function, especially useful at the end of sickness and infection. Chicken broth has been shown to inhibit neutrophil migration, and reduce inflammation.

"I have a myriad of auto immune conditions one of which is Ulcerative Colitis, my symptoms and general feeling have greatly improved since starting Dr Gus' bone tea." - Matt

Science of bone broth and collagen for gut health - GEEK-OUT SECTION

One of the main amino acids in bone tea is glutamine. Glutamine is required by the cells lining the gut for fuel and healthy metabolism. Glutamine has been shown to aid the gut by healing the junctions that allow food from the gut into the blood (leaky gut) and improving the gut bacteria.

Glycine in Dr Gus' Bone Broth has been shown to stimulate gastric secretion of digestive acid and this could be one of the mechanisms supporting Dr Kaayla Daniel's report that gelatin, like found in bone broth, has the ability to "normalise cases of hydrochloride deficiencies and excesses."

Dr Gus' Bone Broth also contain molecules like hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, galactosamine and chondroitin. These molecules combine into glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) to give structure to most of the tissues of the body and are important for regeneration and renewal of tissues. A lesser known fact is that the GAGs are the building blocks of the mucus linings throughout the body. This is especially important in the gut lining as a healthy mucus lining supports the health of the gut bacteria. This is supported by the long history of using bone broth in cases of gut dysfunction such as Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr Gus' now support many customers in recovery from many gut health conditions who are using Dr Gus' Bone Broth as a fundamental part of their recovery. In our blog we also post on the most recent science related to bone broth and gut health, so please sign up and let us help you.

"With the possibility of further ankle surgery, I started bone tea introduced by my daughter. Within two months, my ankle bones healed sufficiently enough to prevent further surgery!" - Kirsty

Science of bone broth and collagen for joint health cartilage ligaments tendons - Geek-Out Section

Recent evidence supports the idea that taking collagen supplements has a positive impact on connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons. 15g of gelatine (cooked form of collagen) combined with vitamin c doubled the collagen synthesis after a rope skipping exercise in human ligaments.

Collagen supplements have also demonstrated effects on factors that improve bone and cartilage formation and increased quality of life and movement in patients with osteoarthritis. Glycine in bone broth has shown to be particularly beneficial in osteoarthritis.

This is why we prepare Dr Gus' Bone Broth the way we do to ensure an effective dose that will positively impact people's lives. We do encourage our customers to take vitamin C with their bone tea, especially if they are consuming a moderate to high carbohydrate diet.

"My hair has become thicker and looks a lot more healthier and skin also has improved. Generally I can see the health benefits." - Sharon

Science of bone broth and collagen for skin health and anti-aging - GEEK-OUT SECTION

Much research has been carried out on supplementation of collagen and gelatine and its effect on skin. Specifically oral collagen supplements have shown to increase collagen in the small blood vessels and in the skin, and that the increases in collagen leads to improvements in skin elasticity, hydration and wound healing.

Further ingestion of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) such as hyaluronic acid have also shown benefits for skin health and anti-aging. Bone broth is a rich source of GAGs including hyaluronic acid. The glucosamine and chondroitin in bone products also support this effect.

Oral collagen supplementation has been shown to provide protection from skin photo (UV) aging. Further oral collagen supplementation led to significant reductions in cellulite and skin waviness in normal weight women aged 25-50 years. So the effects are not limited to aging skin.

Dr Gus' Bone Tea has the highest collagen content of any bone broth available, and has more collagen than most collagen supplements per serving, making it a more effective collagen dose and less expensive.