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    Practical Usage

    Initially we encourage people to take bone tea on an empty stomach but eventually taking it anytime is fine.

    Yes, the nutrients in bone tea are very healing to the whole spectrum of digestive issues. Nutrients from bone were part of our ancestral diet, and modern diets are sadly lacking in the nutrients that bone tea provides.

    1. collagen in bone tea is a protein made up from amino acids proline, glycine, hydroxyproline, glutamine and others in smaller amounts. In the body we have a reserve pool of amino acids which is used to repair/rebuild and to provide energy. When our bodies amino acid pool runs low it can be replenished from all the tissues of the body including muscle and bone etc. Any amino acids taken in through diet can contribute to maintaining that pool, meaning we don't have to start breaking down muscle and other tissues of the body. This can be important during times of training and stress.

    2. A 2017 randomised placebo-controlled research trial demonstrated that when a collagen supplement is consumed prior to skipping exercise the collagen production in ligaments is more than doubled. This is important for injury avoidance and recovery from exercise itself.

    3. The nutrients in bone tea are anti-inflammatory, and exercise causes inflammation, which is usually a good thing. But in people with high chronic inflammation, adding acute exercise inflammation can create lots of problems. Bone broth (tea) has shown to have a calming effect on chronic inflammation, hopefully improving the ability of your body to heal and adapt to the exercise stress.

    Some people report improvement in skin condition in as little as 2 weeks. Scientific evidence reports that ligaments can see the benefits after only one serving combined with exercise, it is hard to visualise that though. Others have reported improvement post surgery in as little as 3 weeks, see testimonials. It really depends on the condition tea is being taken for, and your own circumstances.

    Bone broth is real food so safe for children and animals. The Bone Broth Tea and Bone Broth Shake may have ingredients that you don't want to feed to your pets. In that case we developed Collagen Booster, which is unflavoured bone broth. Collagen Booster also is low enough in salt to be safe for pets.

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