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  • Bone Broth & Immune Function

    March 18, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

    These are difficult and worrying times, so we thought we should write something about the benefits of bone broth for immune function, and why taking bone broth regularly will give us all a much better shot at building immunity to the CORONA virus.

    Bone Broth Restores the Gut Barrier

    Bone broth is rich in glycosaminoglycans like glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, which are the building blocks of the mucus lining of the gut. This is the first line of defence that traps pathogens to be eliminated from the body.

    Bone Broth is Rich in Glutamine

    The cells lining the gut use glutamine, not glucose, as their primary fuel. Modern diets are often lacking glutamine which leads to poor gut function.

    In fact, if the intestinal cells lack glutamine they can atrophy and wither away, eventually becoming leaky and allowing bacteria to move across directly to the blood stream.

    Glutamine has shown to be very effective at boosting immune function, as immune cell production is severely retarded if they don’t have access to glutamine. Additionally, the action of macrophages, little soldier cells that turn up and eat pathogens when they are caught, is inhibited without access to glutamine – meaning people become immunosuppressed without glutamine.

    Bone Broth is Rich in Glycine

    Glycine is very important for sleep demonstrating in many studies its power to enable sleep and to deepen sleep. Sleep is important for immune function as melatonin is released in the dark during sleep. Melatonin stimulates all parts of the immune system and the immune system functions far better in the presence of melatonin. So, taking bone broth with glycine will improve sleep and improve our immune function.

    Mild Anti-Inflammatory

    Broth has shown to alter movements of parts of the immune system, neutrophils, so may have a calming effect on the inflammatory reactions that are the hallmark of infection. This is probably why people feel better when having chicken soup during a cold.

    Hand Washing – Tallow Use

    Finally, with all the hand-washing going on lots of people are reporting dry and cracking skin on their hands. This can be prevented quite easily with tallow-based skin care such as Dr Gus’ skin care range, which maintains skin barrier function and also has hydrating and antibacterial effects.

    For the remainder of this month we will be sending out free tins of lime, lemongrass and basil tallow balm with every purchase from our site. It’s a small gesture but if every business can do a little then we will all be ok.

    Click here to explore our range of bone broth.

    2 Responses

    Sandra Jemson
    Sandra Jemson

    April 20, 2020

    Unfortunately it’s looking like I’m needing it. Hope it helps.


    April 20, 2020

    Bone broth has been very successful and allows me to play regular squash. The free tallow balm is a much appreciated gesture.

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