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  • Can We Really Regenerate Cartilage?

    October 19, 2021 1 min read

    Hi Everyone,

    This is just a short post about joint pain and conditions like osteo-arthtritis. I hear many people tell me that their joint is bone on bone and that surgery is the only answer. 

    Well this nice short video by Dr Kaayla Daniel suggest that cartilage can indeed be regenerated. Don't worry so much about the plugging of products. I am going to expand on this over the coming weeks with other proof and pointers about joint health and cartilage regeneration.

    Your Dr Gus Bone Broth products include lots of joints and cartilage, that's one of the reasons we see such good benefits for people with painful joints.

    Enjoy and thanks for reading.



     The following is a very interesting video about creating electrical charge to regrow cartilage using the body's own healing mechanisms. I will talk about this in much greater detail in a coming blog about the human body's own electrical potential. Ignore the advice to stretch etc. 


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