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  • The importance of the correct balance of amino acids in the diet.

    August 11, 2017 1 min read

    I have been wanting to write something for a while about why collagen from bone broth is important in the modern diet. But then I came across an article by Chris Masterjohn writing for the Western A Price foundation so I thought better to re-post this as it is better than I would have written it.

    In Summary:

    • glycine (a conditionally essential amino acid in bone broth) is super important for the healthy action of methionine (an essential amino acid found abundantly in lean muscle meats).
    • Without glycine, but also B vitamins found in organ meats such as liver and choline found in egg yokes, methionine can become a problem by converting to homocysteine.
    • With glycine, methionine can merrily methylate tissues for growth and repair and can convert to glutathione (the body’s major antioxidant).

    Traditional diets consisted of lean meats, offal and bone and skin tissue which gives our body the perfect compliment of amino acids and other nutrients for perfect health. Bone broth and offal are an essential part of our diets. 

    To read more deeply follow this link:

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