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  • Unveiling Nature's Secret: The Dental Magic of Bone Broth

    March 12, 2024 1 min read

    We have been asked a few times why our bone broth is slightly cloudy in appearance, whereas other broths are clearer. The simple answer is that we don’t filter the minerals out of our broth. The minerals are largely hydroxyapatite, yes that stuff they are putting in expensive toothpaste nowadays.

    So, what’s the deal with hydroxyapatite and is there any benefit for us?

    Well, this unassuming compound holds the key to a radiant smile and resilient oral health. 

    Hydroxyapatite (calcium and phosphorus), akin to the very structure of our teeth, serves as a guardian, fortifying dental enamel against decay and sensitivity.

    tooth enamel being strengthened by hydroxyapatite in bone broth

    But the story doesn't end there. Hydroxyapatite, has antibacterial effects, inhibiting the bacteria – the real source of cavities - lurking in our mouths. 

    Imagine a world where minor damage to enamel is swiftly repaired, where cracks and abrasions vanish. Hydroxyapatite weaves its magic, restoring the integrity of our teeth and ensuring they stand strong against the tests of time.

    Hydroxyapatite soothes inflammation, fosters tissue regeneration, and safeguards the gateway to our smiles—our gums.

    But unlike potions concocted in laboratories, hydroxyapatite from bone broth is a gift from nature herself—a safe, natural food that works in harmony with our bodies.

    woman drinking bone broth with hydroxyapatite

    So, how do you benefit from this? Simply savour the goodness of unfiltered bone broth, that not only delights the palate but also nurtures your teeth. 

    It’s also good to remember that hydroxyapatite is not in collagen peptides or any other processed collagen supplements.

    Thanks for reading.

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