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  • Why take liver with your bone broth for collagen production?

    January 28, 2024 1 min read

    As we age, we know that we lose our collagen gradually, and that maintaining our collagen is much easier than trying to restore what is lost.

    As science improves our understanding of collagen production in the body, the job of maintaining and restoring collagen becomes easier. We now know there are companion nutrients that are crucial in the collagen production process. Let’s have a look:

    Vitamin C

    Vit C is involved in several steps of collagen production in various tissues throughout the body.:

    • Stimulates DNA to produce amino acids – the building blocks of collagen.
    • Involved in converting procollagen to actual collagen.


    Iron is involved in many reactions in the body and collagen production is no exception:

    • Iron has a major involvement, with Vit C, in production of collagen from procollagen.


    • Supports iron transport around the body.
    • Assists Vit C into the cells.

    Vitamin A (Retinol)

    • Assists transporting copper around the body.

    Vitamin B12

    • Assists in glycine production (glycine is 1 in every 3 amino acids in collagen)

    All of these should be considered companion nutrients when consuming bone broth and collagen booster. The good news is that they are readily available in liver and organ capsules. It's probably worth taking extra Vit C on top of eating liver.

    Also taking these nutrients in food form helps protect against overload, which can happen when taking supplements.

    So eat your organ meats, or get them in capsule form if that's easier.

    Thanks for reading.

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