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  • I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This - Book Review

    June 18, 2020 1 min read

    I thought I would jot something down to let you know about a lovely new health book recently released. It’s called “I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This” written by Kate Chaytor-Norris from the good old North East of England.

    Kate is a nutritionist and lifestyle coach who looks at the whole of the human living in this world.

    The book is a perfect mix of personal and professional stories combined with lessons learned about health and wellbeing, and recommendations for the reader to implement to recover their own health.

    Kate has taken some very complicated science and distilled it down to simple messages that are easy for the lay reader to understand and act on quickly. It’s also beautifully written so gently takes the reader by the hand on a journey of rediscovering health.

    With my background as a biologist there was still lots of useful info in here for me, so I definitely recommend all Dr Gus’ customers give this a go. Unless you do this clinically on a daily basis you just don’t know the tricks of the trade and intricacies of treatments. Kate has done all the heavy lifting for us.

    ps. Kate is also a big fan of bone broth, and especially Dr Gus’.


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