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St John's devilled kidney on sourdough, with a Dr Gus twist.

August 13, 2019 1 min read

St John's devilled kidney on sourdough, with a Dr Gus twist.

We love pretty much anything St John's do, but there offal dishes with their own bread are extraordinary. This one is a beautiful twist on a breakfast, with a little bit of spice to sharpen the tastebuds.

 Dr Gus bone tea devilled kidneys. Real food. Offal St John's bread and wine

Serves 2


6 fresh organic lambs kidneys, remove suet and membrane.

3 tbsp plain flour

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp ground mustard seeds

salt and black pepper

a large knob of butter

Worcestershire sauce

140mL Dr Gus Bone Tea 

2 slices highest quality sourdough


To Cook:

With a pair of scissors remove the gristle from the inside of the kidneys.

Dr Gus' devilled kidneys offal slow food

Put a heavy frying pan on to a high temperature. 

In a small bowl mix together flour, cayenne pepper, mustard seed powder, salt and pepper.

dr gus bone tea bone broth flour cayenne mustard seed offal

Add butter to frying pan. Butter should bubble when dropped in.

cast iron pan arga real butter dr gus bone broth

Roll kidneys in the flour mixture to get a light coating. Place in a sieve to remove excess.

Dr gus bone broth devilled kidneys offal real food slow food     Dr gus bone broth devilled kidneys st john's food and wine

Put bread in toaster to toast.

Place them in the pan for 2 minutes each side.

Dr Gus' bone tea offal cast iron aga slow food

When cooked both sides add two hearty splashes of Worcestershire sauce and Dr Gus' Bone Tea.

Stir and let all ingredients get to know each other.

Butter your toast with lashings of butter.

Place kidneys on toast.

Reduce the sauce down to a rich liquor - a couple of minutes is enough.

Pour sauce over the kidneys and toast.

Tuck in!


I had this at St John's on my birthday and it was the best start to a birthday ever.

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