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Skin Benefits Of Tallow

Tallow-Based Skincare

Sars-COVID-19 attaching to ACE2 receptors. Tumeric in bone broth blocks this pathway

Tumeric With Your Bone Broth - COVID 19

March 12, 2021

Tumeric in Dr Gus' Bone Broth Tea can potentially reduce COVID-19 viral load and lead to milder disease with less symptoms. This is based on new research coming out of India.
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The Problem With Hand Washing!

October 01, 2020 1 Comment

Due to so much hand washing, use of hand sanitisers and use of masks, skin barrier function is being destroyed. The most sensible solution is to replace our sebum barrier with the closest matching lipid-based balm. The closest in terms of fatty acids is tallow, which is mostly triglycerides and some cholesterol – as close as possible to human sebum.

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I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This - Book Review

I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This - Book Review

June 18, 2020

Dr Gus' Book Review of I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This by Kate Chaytor-Norris. Covers all aspects of lifestyle medicine and health including immune function, gut function plus lots more.
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