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We are a Teesside cottage business on the outskirts of Darlington started and run by wife and husband team of Jung Eun and Paul. We are both passionate about health and wellbeing with interests ranging from science to traditional ancestral foods and cooking techniques. We believe that a seasonal, slow-food omnivorous diet that is "nose to tail" in its use of local produce is the way to a healthy existence in balance with nature. Supplements are out, real food is in!

Jung Eun and Paul are also passionate about the environment and believe regenerative agriculture to be a huge step forwards in normalising carbon in the environment through natural means with built in feedback loops. Regenerating top soil through the use of plants and animals is the only way to combine the goals of environmental and personal health. Animal use should be sacred as practised by all indiginous cultures where animals are killed as required and the animal is used nose to tail, for nutrition and clothing as examples. Nothing should ever be wasted. Dr Gus Bone Broths and Skin Care are all by-products from animals to ensure that there is no wastage from any animal slaughtered for food. This also provides additional revenue for farms where animal welfare is the primary concern.

Personal and environmental health are two pillars of Dr Gus and all product decisions are made on this basis. Together Jung Eun and Paul help people locally with free nutritional advice and cost effective nutritional products.

Our Mission

To reintroduce bone products as a normal and natural part of a healthy diet. To enable and encourage the utilisation of a traditional staple food back into the modern diet. To encourage and assist people to recover their own health.