Bone Broth & General Health


  • Reduces blood pressure and helps cardiac health.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Rich in collagen.
  • Preserves muscle.
  • Rich in Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic acid.


"The chocolate bone broth powder with oat or coconut milk tastes great." - Richard


"The bone tea tasting amazing makes it a daily treat rather than a force-fed medicine." - Chris


"This is the best bone broth I've used, really delivers on the benefits. Great provenance, great taste, really high nutritional value." - Jenny


science of bone broth and collagen human health GEEK-OUT SECTION

The human body has a store of amino acids that it uses for functions such as building tissue and hormones and other amino acids. This pool can also be used in times of protein deficit or as an energy source when available fats and carbohydrates are scarce. The amino acid pool needs to be replenished through dietary protein consumption or the body will break down muscle and other tissues to liberate the amino acids contained in them. The amino acids found in Dr Gus' bone broth contribute to the amino acid pool in the body, enabling a protein sparing effect as no tissue needs to be broken down. This has huge implications for training but also for disease states where tissue wasting is a problem.

Collagen supplements when combined with resistance training led to significantly larger improvements in strength and improved body composition in elderly men.

Bone broth products are also beneficial for immune function. Consumption of bone broth can increase T-regulatory cells that calm immune function, especially useful at the end of sickness and infection. Chicken broth has been shown to inhibit neutrophil migration, and reduce inflammation.